IT Outsourcing

Services can be selected for virtually any part of your Information System areas including:

1.Applications software


3.Consulting services

4.Systems integration

5.Development of new programs and systems

6.Live system operation, management, and control e.g open bravo (ERP)

7.Communications equipment, software, and interfaces

8.Responsibility for troubleshooting

9.IT Audit

10.Data, network and website security

11.Backup procedures for programs and data

12.Disaster recovery capabilities (data recovery)


14.PC service

15.PC installation of hardware, software, and modifications

16.Virtual help Desk

Benefits of outsourcing IT with us

1.Improved service and performance

2.Expert resources and staffing

3.Shorter systems development cycles

4.Better management control

5.Elimination of personnel problems

6.Stabilized or reduced costs

7.Improve your business focus