SkilledSoft Accounting

This is a product developed by Skilled Solutions to handle a number of functions similar to Quickbooks. It works online and it is pretty much very light and easy to use. Among the features that this great product comes with are:

·Purchase Orders

·Goods Receivable Notes

·Supplier Invoices/Credit Notes



·Accounts Payable

·Items and Inventory



·Sales Orders

·Customer Invoices/Credit Notes



·Accounts Receivable

·Ability to assign Cost Centers i.e account in different dimensions

·General Ledger with Budget

·Languages are configurable to support many language packs

·Supports Multiple Currencies

·Has Multibranch and Multicompany support

The System can be implemented in various ways depending on Client needs:

·It could be cloud Hosted

·It Could be hosted on a Client's LAN Server

·It could be hosted on a Client's Specific Domain or Server

To try out this great product before buying click the link below: