System Support and Maintenance

During the current economic downturn, organizations are making every possible attempt to extend the life expectancy of their existing systems. Here at skilled soft we will offer a well engineered maintenance program that takes advantage of correlations between maintenance procedures and processes.

During the maintenance skilled do make sure we offer substantive reports on our every process and ensure

we protect your organizations Confidentiality integrity of data and availability of your IT resources at all time.

We have a carefully developed Systems Maintenance Program that comprises of a set of policies, procedures, and actions designed to support, promote, and implement the following four maintenance objectives:

1.Keep IT related hardware in good working order.

2.Keep IT related software, operating systems, and system environments in good working order.

3.Assure that the status of these systems meets your organizational, industry, and other accepted "best practices” as they relate to operational and security requirements.

You as the client have the choices of the following maintenance packages depending of your organization need for IT business continuity programs

1. Preventive Maintenance: here we perform tasks performed on your system(s) to correct or prevent degradation of performance, and to correct other minor issues prior to them becoming larger problems. For many systems, this would include tasks such as disk defragmentation, file system cleanup, minor physical cleaning, anti-virus scanning, and backups.

2. Scheduled Maintenance: here we perform on-going, routine maintenance procedures at periodic scheduled intervals (mostly 2weeks depending on your organization). The purpose behind scheduling routine maintenance tasks such as upgrades, patches, cleaning, and installs is to provide a measure of predictability and to move any expected downtime to off-peak hours. Maintenance of this sort is often required for servers and other infrastructure systems

3. Corrective Maintenance: this is a package for organizations with broken systems and must be repaired or replaced. Yesterday or sooner, will be the users preference. Corrective maintenance can range from a simple component swap to replacement of an entire system. This is to ensure business continuity of your organization.


1. Maximized business value and minimizes total cost.

2. Increased user satisfaction.

3. Solution is quickly identified by us.

4. Direct access to technical experts.

5. Gives you the flexibility to choose the support options that best fit your organization.

6. Included support account management, support assistance, problem resolution support, and information services.

7. You get SLA (Service level agreement) which you take part in designing.

8. Increased up time of your IT systems.