Humanity Without Borders

Humanity without Borders (HWB) is a non governmental organization with offices in US and Kenya and deals with offering Humanitarian organization by sending volunteers to aid in healthcare, education, sanitation among other things to various countries around the world.
  • Website: http://www.hwbvolunteer.org
  • Date: 2013-09-22
  • Location: Web
  • Client: Humanity Without Borders
HWB needs were a site which is:able to send newsletters to the mailing lists automatically, dynamic with a simple and neat finish, Dynamic content updating, Secure from common web attacks,Ability to register volunteers and autonotify admins of this registrations as well as sending confirmation copies to volunteers and search engine friendly 
From the requirements given the site was built as a Content Management System rather than a static HTML site with extra protection. It was inbuilt with dynamic galleries for the visuals which included HD photos from HWB. in terms of the finish we took great consideration on keeping visitors there with a non busy interface but highly visual with a dynamic gallery and 3D floating icons gives the site a unique and promising look. Quick links at the bottom in terms of rotating flags makes it easy to navigate to the various country pages. The backend was also equipped with friendly editors for content management. Security was enforced using custom server security rules and sitelock added to it. In terms of SEO we submitted their site to over 300 search engines and ensured the site uses search engine friendly URLs. 
The result was a masterpiece because the client had a clear vision of what they needed and the simple cool finish with simplisitic frontend architecture makes the site an amazing thing to look at.
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